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“All you need is a woman”

In Polish the word “kobieta” is used to describe an adult person of the femalegender. The corresponding adjective is “ kobiecy” for female or feminine,

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Polish learning methods InPolish Language Academy

Learning methods

I have been asked many times, what is the best method of learning?Frankly speaking, an ideal method does not exist! Why? Because everystudent is different,

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verb to go polish

“TO GO…”

In Polish we have several verbs of motion which are alwaystranslated into English as “to go”. Everything depends on whether weare going somewhere on foot

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InPolish Language Academy Polish makes you dizzy InPolish

When Polish makes you dizzy

When you start learning Polish and you take it seriously, one of the symptoms you can have is… headache (in Polish: ból głowy). When my

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