Individual course

Polish individual course

  • The programme is designed according to the students’ individual needs.
  • It is up to the student to decide about the range of subjects as well as the intensity of the course.
  • With the assistance and support of one of our highly-qualified teachers, the student will achieve the desired level of language skills (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Language coaching is an additional offer for those who need a particularly high level of individual support and attention for example for professional purposes or if Polish is their first foreign language.
  • The curriculum of the course can be expanded by language walks (walk & talk), language workshops, movies and specialized knowledge about Polish culture and history.

Courses can be held online or in the classroom between 7.30am – 8pm.


95 PLN

per one class 45 min Once a week

InPolish Plus X2 lessons Monthly cost: 740 PLN Start today!

85 PLN

per one class 45 min Twice a week

InPolish Plus X2 lessons Monthly cost: 1300 PLN Start today! best deal

70 PLN

per one class 45 min Daily

InPolish Plus X2 lessons Monthly cost: 2600 PLN Start today!

Additional information

  • Courses at weekend or on holiday carry an extra charge.
  • All prices are gross prices and subject to change.
  • In the case of payment in advance, you have the opportunity to negotiate prices.
  • Courses in companies and language coaching are negotiated individually.
  • Suggested frequency is lessons 2 times a week, 90 minutes each session.